Samuel Rishel

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We Were There and Survived. Matthew T.Fox, Sr., 2005. 107 pages, photographs, paper. [ISBN 978-1-88712438-6]

Before the beginning of the American Civil War in 1861 most of America’s men lived peacefully on farms, small towns or in cities, they never knew that the next four years would change their lives forever and leave mental and physical scars that would never heal. During the civil war most photographers took pictures of the dead on the battlefield and some of the living whatever was convenient for them too take pictures of none perhaps really shown the faces of those who fought in it the pictures are too blurry or they are too far away to physically see the boys who volunteered to fight for the cause of their country.

The Valley Register of Middletown, Maryland: 1861-1862. L. Tilden Moore, 2008. 287 pages, index, paper. [ISBN 978-1-887124-44-7]

The Valley Register of Middletown, Maryland is the initial newspaper of a proposed series of transcriptions of the Civil War newspapers for Frederick County. The other newspapers that will be transcribed and published are: The Examiner, Republican Citizen, and Maryland Union. The transcriptions are not comprehensive, but focus mainly on Frederick County. Events like marriages, deaths, articles on slavery, politics, religion, elections, crime are covered. In addition to local news the American Civil War and important battles - Antietam, South Mountain, Gettysburg, and Monocracy are transcribed, as well as events concerning the Maryland regiments and the battles they were involved in and outside of Maryland.