David P. Wilson

PG 114. A Compilation of Marriages & Deaths for Select Families from the Sacramental Records of Gora (Znin) Parish, Poznania, Poland. David P. Wilson, 1997. 80 pages, maps, indexed. $3.95 [ISBN 1-8871-2418-7]

This volume cover the marriages (1804-1881) and deaths (1795-1881) for members of the: Cywinski, Kawczynski, Kielas, Lakomy, Lewandowski, Lysy, Popielarz, Slomkowski, Sporny, Switala, and Witczak families. The respective sacramental record may include: full name of baptiszed child, bride & groom, or decedent; their age, occupation, residence, names of parents (with occupation of father, maiden name of mother, and whether parent is deceased); date/place of baptism, wedding, and death; names, occupations, residence of godparents, witnesses, and informants, as well as any notation appearing in the original record. Together the two volumes may lead the fortunate genealogist to easily trace their emigrant ancestor's lineage as many as four generations.