The series explores a wide range of specific topics reflecting the rich history and varied contributions of Maryland's citizens of Polish heritage.

HP 107. Baltimore's Polonia: A Brief History. Thomas L. Hollowak, 1995, revised 2002. 30 pages, photographs, paper. and A History of Polish Longshoremen & Their Role in the Establishment of a Union at the Port of Baltimore. Thomas L. Hollowak, 1996. 38 pages, photographs, paper. $8.50 [ISBN 1-8871-2433-0]

The first monograph provides an introductory overview of the history of Baltimore's Polish community. It was from the area in southeast Baltimore known as Fell's Point that the first Polish immigrants settled. This settlement, beginning in the late 1860s, had been forshadowed by earlier Polish visitors before the mass emigration and settlement by those whose descendants can be found throughout Maryland.

The second monograph chronicles the strong Polish presence at the Port of Baltimore which continue to this day. The Poles began working along the waterfront soon after their arrival in Baltimore during the 1860s. Therefore, it is not surprising that Polish longshoremen would played an important role in the establishment of a longshoremen's union at the Port.

The Polish longshoremen's story and their successful struggle to establish a union, as well as the leadership roles they have and still play in the union both at the local and national level is told in this illustrated history.