Polonia - 1891

HP 101. Baltimore's Polish Language Newspapers: Historical and Genealogical Abstracts, 1891-1925. Thomas L. Hollowak, 1992. 86 pages, indexed,paper. $2.95 [ISBN 1-8871-2401-2]

In 1891 Baltimore's first Polish language newspaper, Polonia, appeared. It was the start of a flourishing press of newspapers and literary journals in the community. Many of these were short-lived or appealed to particular audiences (i.e. religious, humorous, literary, etc.) Unfortunately, we know their titles, but there are no known holdings in existence.

Fortunately, the Dziennik Chicagoski (Chicago Daily News) reprinted abstracts from the various local Polish press throughout America including Baltimore's. This volume contains the newspaper abstracts from Baltimore's Polish language newspapers. The abstracts have been translated into English and are reprinted in choronological order and are completely indexed. The volume constitutes the only remnants of the local Polonian press which is no longer extant for this period.