HP 133. The Fiurst Internment Book: St. Stanislaus Cemetery, 1892-1910 . Thomas P. Bocek. 2007. 113 pages. $7.99. [ISBN 978-1-887124-42-8]

On April 9, 1892 the Rev. Joseph Skretny, pastor of St. Stanislaus Kostka Church purchased forty-two acres as a place of recreation for children. However on April 23 the site became the church cemetery witht he internment of Adam Kendzejeski. This volume contains 2,009 interments that were not included on the cd-rom publication, Tombstone Inscriptions of St. Stanislaus Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland published in 2002 by the Baltimore County Genealogical Society. At the time of that publication it was believed that these earliest record of internments had been lost in a fire. The compiler only recently discovered the records and transcribed them from a copy of the original book.

This book provides dates of birth, death and internment, along with names of parents, other family members, cause of death, and birthplace. However, there are no internments for the period September 1901 through January 1905.