HP 143. Saint Michael's Roman Catholic Church, Baltimore, Maryland - Marriages: 1852-1888, T. Ridgeway Trimble, 2019. paper. 387 pages.
[ISBN 978-1-887124-21-8] $20.00


St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church was founded in 1852 primarily for German immigrants. This is reflected in the marriage records for the period 1852-1888 transcribed in this volume. However, among the records can also be found marriages of other ethnic groups: Polish, Czech, English and Irish.

Many of the entries include the village or town where the bride and groom were born, as well as the names of their parents. The occupation of the groom was often included, as well as the names of the witnesses.

While the original St. Michael's Church Register entries were written in chronological order, the records in this publication are arranged in alphabetical order by the surname of the groom. There is also an index of the maiden names of the brides.







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