HP 111. Baltimore Street Name Changes: 1730 to 2000. Thomas P. Bocek. Revised PDF Edition*, 2012. 141 pages. $12.99. [ISBN 978-1-887124-54-4]

It was decided as early as 1797 that changes to the names of streets had to be done by a City Ordinance. Each change was given an Ordinance number and duly acted upon and recorded. Each annexation, however, gave the city a monumental problem. These were not addressed until the 1890’s when L. M. Duval compiled the records of the Clerks of the Superior Court from 1753 to 1894, listing the name changes. In 1900, George McCreary published a work listing the work orders for extending streets, paving, closing, and name changes. This work was updated by Ordinance 162, approved on June 28, 1908. The last annexation of 1918 was covered by Ordinance 200, adopted in 1928. From that time to the present, each change was done by individual ordinances.

This work is invaluble for genealogists and local historians who will now be able to find name changes and locations of Baltimore streets and alleys in one source.

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